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Hellooo..Coders, When we start with our programming journey we tend to get confused at every step we take, but no worries this happens with everyone, you're not alone.

In this blog I am going to share with you some simple projects, which can help you get started with. If you think you can build them easily you can skip them and build some intermediate projects.


There are high chances that you have already build one. But if you haven't then you should definitely give it a try. This is the best project to get started, as it is easy and best to clear your basics. You can also take this project at next level by making it more advance.

To Do List

To Do List is a another great project to test your programming skills. By implementing this app you are going to face new challenges and learn how an app can be used in real life. It involves buttons, animation, user interaction and events. So, don't miss this project, you will learn a lot through this.

BMI Application

Similar to to-do list in this project also you will be creating basic layout and perform some basic logic on the basis of input entered by the user. By using this applcation users can calculate their Body Mass Index(BMI). Inputs and formulas will be the main components of this application.


Yes, this is famous childhood game. Can you build this..? You might think it will be easy, but according to me it is going to be the most difficult in this list. It is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a bit of strategy. Layout creation part is the easiest, the logic is where it gets interesting. It will be the best project to exercise you mind. Don't even think of missing this one.

Rock Paper Scissor

Second project in our list is Rock Paper Scissor you should definitely try out. It requires both user input and randomizing element. The outcome will be a basic and interesting game.

Snake Game

Sounds difficult? No worries you can do it. Snake game is just a sequence of logical pieces. With a thorough understanding of a language you can build this project.

Yes, this is it. But I would like to give you a tip if you're just starting with your coding journey.

  • Don't get into complex projects initially as that can easily get intimidating. Take one step at a time and move upwards gradually.

Now, you have these projects pick one and get started without any excuse.

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