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Website for Breast Cancer Awareness

What I built

Breast cancer is the 2nd most fatal cancer which needs your attention.
I have made a website for spreading awareness of breast cancer using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript.
The site is hosted using Netlify.

Category Submission:

The site is presented in Spider Event where it ranked 7th overall and 2nd on content-wise.

App Link

Website Link

Link to Source Code

Don't forget to star the repo as it will motivate me to keep making great content.
Github Repo

Permissive License

Anyone is free to use provided you give me proper credits.

Additional Info

I'm looking forward to collab with creative individuals who can contribute to making the design better and improve the UX and coding stuff. Also, it will be great if you can contribute to improving the file.

Feel free to connect with me over Linkedin here.

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