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Magento Store speed Optimization

Page speed, as we all know, is critical to the seamless operation of your eCommerce site. Users may become frustrated if a website or store is too slow, so Magento Store optimization is required.

What is Page Speed?

The page loading speed of contents on a website is referred to as page speed. The page speed is influenced by a number of factors, including the site's server, the size of the page files, and picture compression. The more quickly a web page loads, the more efficient it is for users. Many of them claim that page speed and site speed are the same thing, yet they are not. The average speed of numerous pages of a website is called site speed.

What is Page Speed Optimisation?

The technique of optimising a page to lower its loading time is known as page speed optimization. Because there is a link between page speed and SEO, it is critical that the page loads quickly for a better user experience. The faster a page's information loads, the better its chances of ranking in a search engine. Quickly loaded pages are more enticing to site visitors, resulting in a lower bounce rate.

Why Page Speed Optimisation is a major factor when it comes to SEO?

As discussed above, pages with higher load time have a higher bounce rate percentage and tend users to get frustrated with slow loading. Google measures time to the first byte when considering the page speed. The consistent increase in the bounce rates decreases the overall ranking on google. Thus, Page speed acts as a crucial ranking factor for search engines.

Get the Cheapest Magento Store Optimisation:

If you opt for the Magento Page Speed Optimisation Service by CedCommerce, then the following will be the benefits from the experts to your Magento store:

Image Minified
JS and CSS Minification and Merging
Enabling of Magento Cache
Enabling Browser Cache
HTML Minimising
Magento Site in Product Mode and much more.

Speed up your Magento store today as with every second you delay, you are losing potential customers.

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