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Ashwath Mittal
Ashwath Mittal

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Command Line Based Web Portfolio!

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👋Hi there fellow developers! 🎊
I hope you're doing fantastic!

In the past, I was powerfully impressed by a portfolio that was inspired by 🪟 Windows 11 made by VovaCodes (
So, this basically has always been my small dream to build a portfolio-app that visually mimics a Command Line Interface.

Recently, I had some free time and I finally decided to turn this plan into reality. So, I started working on Command Line
inspired portfolio ✨.
You can try it out here:

Source Code On GitHub:

This is an Angular app. It is written in TypeScript, so if you're learning it, you could explore the GitHub repo 💥

Cheers! 🤙

Join My Discord:

Keep in mind, this is a work in progress! More features to come (and bugs tackled 😄)

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Ghazi Khan

This is great! :)

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Ashwath Mittal