I'm Going Back to being a DEV Community Member

Ali Spittel on August 02, 2019

First, I want to give a huge thank you to both the DEV team and the DEV community -- you all have changed my life over the past few years, and I'm ... [Read Full]
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We really have had such a great time working with you Ali and are so happy for you with this choice. Your technical contributions have been outstanding, but getting to know you as a person has been the real special part.

I just think it's really great that you will be pursuing your career goals directly and I'm sure DEV will be part of that journey. I also commend you for being open your anxiety and struggles with remote work. It's brave as hell.

Can't wait to see what amazing things you do next as one of the most talented programmers I've ever worked with, and I can't wait to read your next great DEV post.


You just got the best farewell message ever. It can't get any better than this ;-)


Even in leaving you are setting a wonderful example of leadership; you recognized that your mental health and well-being is more important than anything else out there and took steps to protect it. I know firsthand how much courage that takes because I struggle with it myself.

Thank you for all you have done for this site and best of luck with your teaching career!


Ali, it's been wonderful working with you, and I'm so excited that you'll have the opportunity to focus your efforts and talents directly on teaching.

Your future students, and the rest of us who get to benefit from your educational contributions, are all very lucky.

See you around the community, and hopefully at a conference soon!


I think it's awesome you are not only open with yourself, but in a world and generation that is ever more trending towards remote-work, publicly with others too. It's a good reminder that despite what a community seems to encourage or whatever lifestyle trends are currently happening, only you as an individual can truly decide and figure out what works for you personally (and they aren't always the same thing).


I think it's great that you've been able to write this down, Ali! Sometimes things don't work out and posts like these can help other people realise that they can change their mind if things are not working for them.

I hope you find new opportunities that allow you to pursue your goals!


Hey props to you. I think it shows courage to make moves in search of better mental health. I did remote work for a year plus. I came out of depressed and in a dark place. Human interactions, even if it's non-interactive is a must. You are making the right choice, hope to still see your awesome post.


Thank you for all you've contributed to this amazing site and good luck!! πŸ’š


Wow, good luck on your next steps!

Wherever it is we're sure you're going to rock!

Keep being awesome!


Thank you for all your work in the community. You are the reason why I am here and is made me a better developer by leaps and bounds. Thanks for sharing your struggles and hope you get better. Good luck in your next endeavor!


That's so cool to hear, thank you so much! Will definitely do!


Good luck with your future teaching I look forward to hopefully still reading things you write!

Although I like working from home a lot, I do like to also pop into an office from time to time for the same reasons you have above.

Thanks for your openness on how remote working can take it's toll on mental health. I hope the teaching helps the healing πŸ™‚


It was great getting to work with you Ali! See you around on the web ✌️


Great working with you too! See you around!



I have always enjoyed your posts that I have read (in that Venn diagram of my interests / your post topics). You are a both an excellent writer and are very knowledgeable in our field, and your contributions to dev.to have added immense value to this site as a whole! I am sad to see you choose to move on, but at the same time absolutely understand all of the reasons you give, and I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.

That being said, it is my most emphatic hope and request that you do not stop at least occasionally contributing articles about things that interest you, as well as commenting on other people's posts to share your thoughts.

All of dev.to is in your debt to you for everything you have done. Take your well-deserved rest, and continue to grace us with your presence and occasional thoughts and observations! Thank you again for everything you do!


Bravo on your self-awareness and personal boundaries! I look forward to seeing more writing from you, of course, in your inimitable style.


I used to do freelance work, i found the only way i could get my ass up and going was to rent a table at a shared work-space.

And the bonus, it let me meet lots of interesting people.

Working from home i find, even with an office, i get distracted too easily.
Or maybe it's just my work-ethics at home that are horrible.. :D


Best wishes in your future endeavors, Ali. It's awesome and encouraging to see someone be honest with themselves (and the internet) about their well being and career goals.


You have been a breath of fresh air in the developer community. Thank you. ❀


Sometimes it’s really hard to realize you need a change. Very brave if you to do it and write about it. Thank you for sharing.


Good luck in your new journey! Thanks for your contributions to Dev; I've gotten a lot from all your hard work. I'm sure whatever the future holds for you, you'll be great at it!


Your great articles have taught me a lot.
Thank you so much :)
Bon Voyage.


Thanks for everything you've done as a DEV member and good luck for all future endeavours!

P.S. I'll be very saddened if this move slows down the jokes :P


Bittersweet as you said, but take care of you first. Looking forward to what you get up to next!

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