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Aswin Barath
Aswin Barath

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Learning in Public and Getting Opportunities

Recently I came across this talk by Kunal Kushwaha and Anais Urlichs at Open Source Cafe:

And I have also been personally asked this question a lot of times.
So, check out the key takeaways from this talk which have entirely worked for me as well.

What is learning in Public?

  • Creating content of any form which is accessible to other people
  • Sharing our work with the community
  • Instead of keeping your knowledge with yourself, you share it
  • Make your thoughts accessible to other people
  • Documenting your journey, as others can also get motivated
  • Use hashtags like #100DaysOfCode , #100DaysOfKubernetes , #DSAwithKunal

Why learn in Public?

  • A benefit to yourself and others
  • Get feedback from the community
  • People more knowledgeable than you can help you with opportunities
  • Sharing our work in public is not bragging, because
  • (1) You are doing good work,
  • (2) People having a hard time or making career changes get motivated from our work
  • Hiring someone is a risk for companies when you have proved yourself through sharing your work, that gives confidence to people who hire you
  • Proof of concept available like GitHub profile
  • When you share about existing work, remember that you are not only helping others but also yourself in enhancing your skills and documenting your learning journey

How should we learn in public?

What are the different ways to learn in Public?

  • Share your work as blog posts
  • Share your learning journey on social media - Twitter tweets, LinkedIn Posts
  • Share about events you attend
  • Create Twitter threads about favourite talks
  • Create GitHub Repositories on the topics you have learnt
  • Create YouTube videos and tutorials

Tips for Learning in Public

  • Start with what you are most comfortable with from the above techniques
  • Choose the type of content you want to create
  • Recreate content - It doesn’t have to be original content, just * share the knowledge you gained
  • Curate content - List out the resources you are using and share them in public
  • Get Creative - Try to do new things, learn from them and share that as well

I’m Aswin Barath

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Thank you for reading my work.

Now it’s your turn to share the knowledge you’ve gained ;)

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