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Get SMS notifications from GitHub

What I built

SGS Stands for Short GitHub SMS 😁. It's an action which could be used to get updates about your GitHub repository like Issues and Pull Requests to your mobile number using twilio's SMS API. It's a simple JavaScript action which is below 70 lines of code.

Demo Link

I couldn't test it or demo it since there was no SMS twilio numbers to be available in India

Link to Code

async function run() {
  const resultMessage = await client.messages.create({
    body: message,
  tools.log.success("SMS Sent")
  return resultMessage

These 9 lines of code does all the sms work

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

The Stack is

  • Node.js
  • GitHub Actions

I've been hacking with actions for a few weeks so thought that this could be merged.
There was an official twilio action but it was limited to a specific message. I upgraded it to use a message with data from GitHub using literals and string truncation to reduce the title below 30 characters.Learned that 160 characters was the limit

Additional Resources/Info

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Hi Athul, you can buy a us phone number and add your personal number in verified phone number section to get sms on it.