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Are dislikes dead nowadays?

Hi! I'm thinking a lot about social functionality for my future project and I don't know when do you need dislike button for comment, post, etc?

Services with dislikes

  • youtube comments, videos
  • reddit comments and posts
  • disqus comments
  • blizzard forum
  • imdb reviews

Services without

  • facebook (reactions)
  • google plus (plus sign)
  • medium (clap)
  • xenforo cms (thanks)
  • playmarket reviews (like)
  • other 99% of social networks

I thought dislike functionality was trending in old days but while checking info about reddit, youtube were created in 2005, disqus in 2007, but facebook also was that early and it doesn't have it.

Also in my research I found out that almost all old websites with user reviews has like and dislikes (imdb, etc) but new ones like playstore has only like and report (report is not visible).

Nowadays it seems nobody cares about dislikes, except old review websites and old comment systems. I can see trend in favor new facebook reactions and renaming likes to hearts (twitter, instagram, etc) / claps (medium) / plus sign (gplus).

btw I don't get why a lot of websites allow to upvote your own comment or reddit publication.

So are dislikes dead? And when you must have it? Is there a golden rule when do or not you must have this?

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Ben Halpern

For what it's worth has dislikes but they are reserved for users who qualify over time, similar to Hacker News. The things that qualify one for this and the feature in general is pretty experimental at the moment.

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Forest Hoffman

Quite often, simply disliking something isn't beneficial to anyone. The internet is full of trolls and people that just want to make others feel bad. That's not going to change anytime soon. So, even if there is not an official method of "disliking" something, they will find a way.

In the world of content creation and consumption (e.g. YouTube,, Netflix, etc.). Consumers hold all the power. If you're watching a YouTube video or a Twitch stream you don't like, just turn it off. No one will know or care that you don't like some content on the Internet. As I've heard many times from various content creators that I follow, "Don't like what you see? -- There's the door. Get out."

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Because the new world is one where every child gets a medal for just participating and how dare we make them feel bad by not liking their content which mommy said was "just dandy" . Youtube dislikes are still quite active I think , but I rarely use it purely because I do not care enough to dislike or like anything.

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and btw here I can even use all reactions to my own post.