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Better Ways to Be Productive as Remote Developers

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Being a good remote worker takes a lot of discipline. We have to do everything ourselves without anyone watching.

In this article, we’ll look at some habits we can adopt to become a good remote developer.


Communication is more important than being inside an office since nobody can see what we’re doing usually.

Therefore, we need to update people on what we’re doing so we won’t be stepping over each other’s toes.

Also, we should aim to be available to answer messages when we’re working so that we won’t keep people waiting.

We can answer any time since we can multitask on our computers. So we should check our messages often and answer them.

Invest in Reliable Technology

Working from home is all about being on the computer in today’s world. This is important for everyone since this is what we need to get anything done.

We should buy a fast computer so we won’t have to wait for things to load all the time and we can open more windows.

Since developers have to build and reload code and run tests all the time, we’ve to make sure that our computer does all those things as quickly as they can.

Also, as developers, we look at a million windows all the time, so we probably want a second monitor so we can look at more things side by side.

Also, we should have high-quality headphones to take conference calls.

A webcam may also be useful if we need to hold video conferences.

Comfortable keyboards and mouses are also needed since we’re going to be using them all the time.

Of course, most importantly, fast and reliable Internet is also very important since all our work is going to be done over the Internet.

Therefore, we should put money on fast and reliable Internet.

Lean On Our Community

We can still socialize while we’re working remotely. We still have communication tools to communicate online. So we can use them to socialize with people.

This way, we don’t have to stay lonely for long and be happy again.

Also, we can take a walk with our neighbors and it’s another way we’ll stay sane while working remotely.

Improve Our Workspace

We can’t control our workspace in the office since we don’t own it. However, we can do that in our own place since we can control it.

We can switch out a crappy chair for a good chair. Also, we can get a desk that fits our needs.

So instead of having a cramped cubicle or even worse, an open office, we can switch them out for something better,

If we want to work without noise and distractions, now it’s our chance. We can get whatever we need like foams, noise-canceling headphones and other things to filter out noise.

We can also work whenever we want as long as get something done, so we can get chug through our work faster.

Take Time for Self-Care

Self-care is also very important. We should make sure that we take breaks and don’t work too hard.

It might be tempting to do that since everything is on the same computer and we don’t have to go in and out of the office to do work.

We should commit to a fitness schedule so that we still get exercise even if we’re working inside.

Take walks, eat healthily, and take breaks.

Eating healthily should be even easier since we don’t have to eat unhealthy, carb-heavy food like granola bars and cereals that are stocked in the office pantry all the time.

Instead, we can have things like eggs that are healthier since they have fewer carbs to make us tired and fat.

This way, we won’t be as tired or fat even if we have to sit down and work for this whole day.


To make us work faster, a fast computer and Internet connection is a must.

Since everything is done over the Internet, those are needed. Developers need a fast computer to build and test code quickly. Also, since we often open lots of windows, we got to have multiple monitors. There’s no better so let us see things side by side.

Also, we should take care of ourselves. Improve our home office space by getting a better chair, desk, and filter out noise.

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