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What is the best terminal setup

I just got a new macbook pro (referbished mid-2015).

When my old macbook broke I was sad but now that all is said and done I'm happy. It's an opportunity to re configure everything with a more logical mind set.

Last time I configured things with my fingers crossed. I remember creating public and private keys for git, then when I needed to access them I would not be able to find it, I installed node following tutorials then when I tried to install PHP and its composer and the like, I'd not be able to find things that the tutorial said I could.

The above is anecdotal, in reality I can't remember the struggles. The point is I would love to learn how these configurations work, so that, you know, the bash setup and stuff will not be magic for me!

So, apart from having a markdown file open to write everything down, is there anything you can help me with? For example what's the best terminal app, anything about bash.

Or even better, has anyone documented their setup in tutorial form which I can follow

My point is, I could instal node npm and the global packages I'll need, but I'll most likely be lost when trying to install php and due to my blindly-following-tutorials approach, I'll still avoid using the terminal/bash at it's full capacity.

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@wesbos has you covered! :-)

He pretty much uses all the tools I use: iTerm2 as a terminal, zsh as a shell, oh-my-zsh as the zsh plugin, z to navigate to recent folders, etc.

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Stephanie Handsteiner

That sounds like you didn't use a package manager before?, installing extra components never has been easier (and cleaner), you'll need Xcode in addition, because of the CLI tools, though.

Shell, as you like, I personally am using the standard shell, mostly because I'm too freakin' lazy to setup zsh.

For PHP I'd suggest setting up a VM and vagrant, instead of meddling with it on the host system. You could setup the box yourself, use Laravel's Homestead or use any other available VirtualBox out there.

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aurel kurtula


See, I have used homebrew but yeah, it has always been copy past stuff.


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4:5GTM • Edited

This repo might help But you can use any pre-built scripts. Even you can create your own.
Awesome dotfiles

I have similar setup, like what above repo has to offer. But recently I have been dockerizing pretty much everything.

Dockerizing Pros:

  • No cluster f**king with binaries on your machine every time you need to install something.
  • Portable Dockerfile, you can move around (different machine)
  • Learn Docker
  • And many more

Dockerizing Cons:

  • There is no cons, because you get to learn something new.
  • JK, learning curve is to damn high.
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Hasse R. Hansen

iterm2, zsh, antibody, pure - look at