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Hexo Aurora Theme released today!

New theme hexo-theme-aurora version 1.0.0 released today!

Aurora is a next generation theme using Aurora colours and UI elements. It give you the feel of smooth flow of colours and a futuristic feeling.


My very first theme is hexo-theme-obsidian which got quite a bit of attention. A lot of bloggers loved this theme, but later on the theme gets a bit hard to maintain due to the fact that it's not using a framework like Vue or React.

Ever since than, I start to think about refactoring that theme using Vue, and that's when I started my journey of using Vue to build a Hexo theme.

As I was refactoring Obsidian, I figure some of the user interface isn't as fine tuned as it should be, and as I notice the "Aurora UI" trend in UI designs. (Know as the trend of using gradient colors for UI elements.), at the end I decided to make a brand new theme using the popular UI design elements.

Aurora is a next generation theme using Aurora colours and UI elements. It give you the feel of smooth flow of colours and a futuristic feeling.

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Compare to Obsidian

The main significant difference between Obsidian and Aurora, is that Aurora is base on Vue3, which means its performance and user interactions are much better than Obsidian.

Obsidian uses vanilla JavaScript and JQuery to support most of the user interaction and blog features. Of course, I am not saying using vanilla JavaScript and JQuery cannot build a fast and high-quality blog application. It's just using Vue is much more enjoyable for the developer and even more for the readers or viewers.

Why? Because using Vue, we could turn our blog into a Single Page Application (SPA), therefore users will notice fewer distractions during page to page hopping. For an article-reading blog site, SPA is best for this kind of purpose.

Why vue3?

Many asked me that: "Why use Vue3 with Hexo, why not just use the default EJS template system with vuejs."

Of course, I could add in vuejs with the support of the default ejs template system. Honestly, it wasn't easy making the blog fully customizable using fully restful APIs. It could have been much easier with EJS templates.

But in the modern frontend development trend, most web applications had switch to frameworks like Vue, React or Angular, because they are much easier and quicker for development. With the support of SPA for these frameworks, it would improve the user accessibility and interactions of the application.

Thinking through the pros and cons, I had decided to use Vue3 as the framework for developing Aurora.

What's in Aurora?

Let's us take a look at the feature list and plans for Aurora:

⭐️ Features

  • Featured section - Can add a feature meta to any post, those will be pinned into the feature section on the home page.
  • Multi-language support - Can dynamically switch the language of the main texts in the application.
  • Statistics - Statistic of article words, posts, categories and tags counts.
  • Article reading time - Show the estimated reading time of an article.
  • Mathjax support - Support mathjax syntax in markdown files.
  • SPA - No page loading or freezing from page to page.
  • NEW Comment plugins - Support the using Gitalk or Valine plugins
  • NEW Comment plugins - Support the using Gitalk or Valine plugins
  • NEW Blog search - Enable to search all the articles in the blog.
  • NEW Latest comments - Added a widget showing the latest comments, supported using Gitalk or Valine.

🎨 Theme

  • Light and dark - Light and dark theme support.
  • Magazine Layout - Modern magazine grid layout.
  • Gradient Colours - Modern gradient colour styles.
  • Timeline styled archives - Archived posts into a timeline format.

🛠 Configuration

  • Beian Config - This feature is especially for China users, for those that need to put Beian info at the footer of the blog.
  • Customizable menu - Can customize your menu with internal links, external links, custom pages.
  • NEW Post navigation - Can navigate to the previous and next article at the end of the article page.
  • NEW Custom pages - Can add any custom pages, need to use the customized menu to display in the menu.
  • NEW Page navbar - Can set up a sidebar on the specific page, act as the sub-menu of the page.

What is yet to come?

Everything listed here are currently under development.

  • WIP Related posts - _Show a list of the related posts at the end of an article. _

What might be coming?

What Aurora might add in the future.

Will host voting events in Discord from time to time. You are welcome to come build Aurora together!

  • Image Gallery - Adding an image gallery page.
  • Links of friends - Allow you to list all your friends' blogs.
  • Tweeting - Allow posting tweets like tweeter for you and your visitors.

Get the theme now!

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Great theme ! Thanks

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Such a great theme for designing. I like and love it. Thank you so much for sharing it.