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How do you see traffic on K8's?

Mizu just released a new service map feature that is similar to tools like Jaeger and Zipkin that presents a map of service dependencies.
The service map has some unique features, [see a quick 30 sec demo vid here.]

Or visit getmizu.ioan open source project and the service map feature offers:

  1. Each connecting arrow represents a dependency between a downstream and an upstream service, where the arrow always points to the upstream service.
  2. The arrow colour represents the protocol that is used between the two services (e.g. Rest, gRPC, RabitMQ, Kafka, Redis etc).
  3. The arrow thickness represents the connection’s protocol relative throughput and it is based on the number of processed messages.

The number of processed messages is also present on the connecting arrow.

As a reminder, Mizu is a lightweight API traffic viewer for Kubernetes that doesn't require any code instrumentation. It provides complete visibility to all API traffic and payloads with support for different protocols and encryption. A short video describing the new feature can be found here [Add link to video].

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