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DO Hackathon Runner DevLog #2

I've been toying away at my small game for the DigitalOcean hackathon but promptly forgot to add another post to this series so here we go!

Since the first post in the series I've worked on a lot of stuff, but let's focus on the actual game for now. Some of the new stuff includes:

  • Collectible gems
  • Bouncy pads
  • Water
  • Keys and locked doors
  • Wind from fans
  • An actual goal :D

It's been a lot of fun and easier than I anticipated to implement. I doubt I'll ever build a large scale game in the future but if I did the Phaser3 engine seems like a good choice!

I also added React to add some better styling around the game but mainly to support a few other ideas I have.

Next up I wanna take advantage of the DO App Platform some more, so I'm looking into adding top lists or similar features. Feels exciting!

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Amber Bdr. Kharka

Thumbs up !! It's looking great...

raddevus profile image

Looks great. It's tough to get past some of those areas. Great work. Thanks for sharing.