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AWS-Azure Mapping Cheat Sheet

Between Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure, you have two-thirds of the world cloud computing infrastructure market share-- with AWS having twice the size of Azure's slide of the pie.

That's why you have people like me who straddle back and forth between the two cloud behemoths, and the services can become hard to keep track of.

Switching between AWS and Azure

It's relatively easy when you're dealing with the building block services like EC2 Instances in AWS and Virtual Machines in Azure, but it gets a little confusing when you're looking at more advanced services, like the service equivalent to AWS CodeCommit (Spoiler: it's Azure DevOps).

This information is handy too when you're preparing for a certification exam. Fundamental-level certifications like Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) covers a very broad range of services, and it's very likely that you will find yourself “translating” between AWS and Azure.

One important thing to note is that mapping each service 1:1 might not be possible, but feature parity might be achieved by a combination of services.

Using the exam objectives of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, here's a cheat sheet to lay out the mapping:

1. Compute services

AWS Azure
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Virtual Machine (VM)
Auto-scaling VM Scale Sets
Elastic Container Services Container Instances
Lambda Functions

2. Storage services

AWS Azure
S3 Blob Storage
Elastic Block Storage Storage Account
S3 Glacier Archive storage
Snowball Data Box
Elastic File System Files
Storage Gateway StorSimple

3. Networking services

AWS Azure
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network
Route 53 DNS
Direct Connect ExpressRoute

4. Database services

AWS Azure
RDS SQL Database
DynamoDB Cosmos DB
Redshift Synapse Analytics

5. Cost management

AWS Azure
Trusted Advisor Advisor
Cost Explorer Cost Management
QuickSight Power BI
Organizations Subscription Management

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but I think it's a good starting point to help you with the high-level AWS-Azure mapping. Also, if I got anything wrong, I welcome your feedback!

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Magnus Markling

EBS should also be mapped to Blob storage imho.

andreschcr1 profile image

Hola Regnard! very good summary, just one correction: the equivalent to AWS S3 would be Azure Blob storage.

regnard profile image
Regnard Raquedan

Thanks! I updated the error. 👍