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AWS Re:Invent 2021 #Reaction

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Hello everybody! πŸ‘‹

AWS re: Invent 10th Anniversary is about to begin. And it will be a much more than special event due to the mixed feelings for those who are already in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Do you not believe me?
Well.. look at Corey πŸ‘»
Absolutely everyone has that smile now 😁

Adam Selipsky is here, again! πŸ™Œ
The return of Adam, who with his message will usher in AWS re: Invent through the midnight madness, is one of the reasons this year's re: Invent is special.
When the news of his return as CEO of AWS went around the world, many of us wondered how business intelligence-oriented products such as AWS QuickSight or Big Data-oriented products such as AWS Glue could evolve due to Adam's successful footprint. in Tableau. It remains to wait for the keynote

Jeff Barr has landed in re:Invent πŸ›¬
He barely set foot on AWS re:Invent was approached by many of the attendees who got selfies, greetings, and stickers. This is another reason why this AWS re: Invent 2021 is very special, it will be recorded in the memory of many people 🍻

My name is Gerardo Castro from Peru and I'll keep writing the news throughout this week.

If you are at the event, I hope you enjoy every second, it is a unique experience!

And you couldn't go to the event like me, I encourage you to be part of the virtual mode and enjoy together what re: Invent brings us!

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aditmodi profile image
Adit Modi

Hi @Gerardo Castro Arica, I couldn't attend re:invent in-person this year. keep sharing all the stuff about re:invent, it's great to have all the news around re:invent.

gerardokaztro profile image
Gerardo Castro Arica

thanks you @aditmodi ! soon we will be there and it will be our revenge πŸ’ͺ