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Can you learn something in 60 seconds?

This post will be about creating short videos on YouTube :)

Why short videos?

Sometimes I wanted to quickly show how to do something. Basic stuff. Making a long video was missing the point, for one short tip. I don't like to waste time on unnecessary talk. Straight to the point is best.
When someone asked me about something. He usually wanted a short and specific answer on how to do something.

So I came up with the idea of making short videos about cloud basics.

The good thing is that short videos are easy to record and the viewer doesn't get bored while watching.

I think videos are a great idea to help people and gain more time for yourself. Conducting training sessions was too repetitive for me. By recording a video once you talk about something and immediately thousands of people have access to it.

In my opinion, short videos can be helpful for the listener and the creator. In a maximum of 60 seconds you need to share knowledge. Preferably with a practical example. The listener gets condensed knowledge. The creator learns how to transfer his knowledge quickly.

Of course, on my YouTube channel I will also add longer videos in which I will try to explain more complicated things.
I try not to talk about theory, but focus more on practice and more realistic examples.

In the latest short video, you'll find out how to enable a new region in AWS, it's really simple. You'll also learn why it's a good thing to do:

If you are interested in my work, you can check out my blog

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