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Deploying AWS SAM with GitHub Actions - The Cloud Resume Challenge Series (Part 17)

Hey cloud engineering friends!

Over the past few weeks I've been completing the cloud resume challenge. It's a free challenge started by AWS hero Forest Brazeal to help people get into the cloud by doing a hands-on project. Original announcement post here.

The challenge is to create an online resume with a view counter, so far in the series we've created all our AWS infrastructure, and in this video we'll go through how to deploy it all onto AWS using GitHub Actions.

If you're thinking getting into cloud I do really recommend you check out the cloud resume challenge as a place to start!

Hey! 👋 If we haven't met, let me introduce myself, I'm Lou, and I created Open Up The Cloud to help you get your start, and grow your career in cloud 🚀.

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Evan Dolatowski

This is great, I had a great time completing the Cloud Resume Challenge using Azure! Thank you for sharing your experience