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Infrastructure as a Code || Building your Skills & Confidence

It's Truly Amazing how much we can gain from Reading!!! This one Link, has answered almost every question I have had, Sometimes its easy to watch others via Video to gain an understanding, however nothing builds a Better Engineer than Trial and Error, #AWS does not just provide you with necessary Functions to Compile #IAC (Infrastructure as a Code) but gives you Sample Templates and Truly Teaches not just mere Code Construction but allows you to Validate the Metadata, Parameters, Resources, Mappings & Outputs within the Management Console, you watch what becomes a Simple Solution Diagram come to Life! For me my work is an artistic artform impression and mastering a craft takes a lifetime, its better to build a foundation from a blueprint within your own understanding, so its easier to teach and impart Development as a Team. Certifications have value in the Skills you Possess, that is the Value and purpose behind the accreditation, So Read, Learn, Build Together, Make Mistakes and build up your Confidence. Nothing is lost in Knowledge.

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