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Learning Linux is as Easy as 1 2 Tree...

I thought I would share a very brief article on a simply amazing Website I stumbled across a couple of years ago.

I used to be quite intimidated by Linux, and for someone using Windows most of his life has now transitioned completely to the dark side if so is to say ⁠:) .

Guy Hummel & Team have created a really fun, User-friendly way to get familiar with the basics of Linux, how to work your way around the Linux Operating System, creating users & Groups, setting up permissions to files, directories, groups and more, in the most fun learning, gamified way.

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Just about everything runs on Linux these days, From Enterprise Servers running in the Cloud, to the Routers routing traffic to our Android Mobiles & Apple Phones, most of these have Linux intelligence built on them. Getting a good foundation is key, get started learning today.

Visit for more!

PS there is no marketing gained from this post, I do not receive funds from Guy Hummel or their team in any way. Hope you enjoy the tool!...

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