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The Cloud Resume Challenge (series): Part 13 - Monolithic vs Single Purposed Functions

Hey cloud engineering friends! I've just hit publish on another episode in the series about the cloud resume challenge.

If you've not already heard of the cloud resume challenge, it's a free, online challenge started by the hero (AWS hero, and general cloud hero) Forest Brazeal to help people get into the cloud by giving you a real, hands-on project and challenge to complete. You can find the original announcement post here.

In the last few episodes we wrapped up building out the front-end and front-end infrastructure (S3, CloudFront, Route53). Now we're moving onto the backend and getting a hit counter setup on our website to track the number of users who come to the site.

In this last video, I go through how to break down an AWS Lambda function using AWS SAM. The purpose is so that we have two AWS Lambda functions, one is a GET, and one is a PUT that we'll be using for our API's and our resume hit counter.

If you're thinking getting into cloud I do really recommend you check out the cloud resume challenge as a place to start!

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