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The Cloud Resume Challenge (series): Part 9 - CloudFront Custom Domain

This is the ninth episode in a series on the cloud resume challenge series. In the last video we went through how to add HTTPS (ACM) to a CloudFront distribution, so we could start to get rid of some 403 errors we were getting from CloudFront. In this video, we go into how you can allow a custom domain to reach CloudFront by adding it into the allowed domains.

If you’ve not heard of the cloud resume challenge, it’s a free challenge that you can take to build a resume using AWS.

It’s a great starting point for beginners or those new to the cloud. But… it’s definitely not for the faint of heart!

The challenge is tough and requires you to learn lots of different aspects of the cloud from CDN's to CI pipelines. The best way to learn any technology is by getting hands-on and using it in anger.

The point of this YouTube series is to provide some extra structure and guidance to the challenge for those daring to attempt it!

But it's not about giving you all the answers, just some prompts, and some ideas to push you in the right direction.

So... if you're thinking of getting into the cloud, do you dare take on the cloud resume challenge? 😁

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