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THR33 'S'

You Probably have guessed till now

I'm going to discuss about Three S wait what !!

Well yes Simple Storage Service or S3

As its name suggest "simple", According to me it is the most simple service of AWS which is very crucial to know about when learning about AWS service.

You may ask why?
Answer to that is Data, most crucial object of anything. Let's take an example about you, your photographs, video that you captured a long time ago, your favourite songs, movies anything that is close to your heart, you might wanna save them for a very long time and for that S3 is your best friend.

You might ask why?
So this is because S3 offer 11 9's of durability that your data will not corrupt or be lost, with 99.99% availability, what's the difference between them?
I was confused too but, Now I'm clear with it so durability means your data will be present in the storage facility after you have uploaded it whereas availability means how easily you can access your data from the storage facility.

NOTE: This figure changes according to the storage class of S3 you choose so be careful click here to know more.

So How does it work?

Well this blog is not a How to blog so I'll keep it simple without going into details, firstly you create a bucket yeah bucket then you put your folder or file into it.

Now I'm coming to the Billion dollar question

What is the maximum size of this "BUCKET"?
It's unlimited yes it's unlimited we can store any amount of data in this S3, but there's limit on the size of single object that is from 0 byte to 5 terabytes with single PUT request of 5 gigabytes,

The point is you can upload 5 terabyte of single object after slicing it into 5 gigabyte file, I know it's confusing but I hope you get it.

So why I'm emphasizing on this, real story

I was giving interview for DevOps and the interviewer ask me what is the size of S3 Bucket I said unlimited, he denied and told me I was wrong with making a face 🙄🙄 at that point of time I was sure not to join this company.

But if you face anyone like this you can show them this screenshot👇👇
Image description
link of the above page is here.

And Some technical Stuffs about S3 storage.

  • S3 have different storage classes as I have mentioned it earlier depending upon the use case, learn more about it here.

  • The Bucket that you will create need to have a unique name.

  • You can host static website on S3 bucket.

  • Can store anything without the fear of loosing it.

And one more piece of information

S3 is a type of storage that we call Object storage.

I'll discuss about the storage type in some other blog
Till then,

Stay safe Stay healthy

Thank you for reading such a long article❤❤☺☺

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