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Bhuvaneswari Subramani for AWS Heroes

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AWS India Summit 2022- A Virtual tour on Cloud9

AWS India Summit 2022 have lots of excitement in store for the #cloud lovers.

Table of Contents

Developer Keynote

Bhuvana Keynote
As an #awshero, I am super stoked to join hands with Ekta Parashar, Head of Solutions Architecture, Enterprise Business, #awscloud, India, as part of the developer #keynote talking about how all complex systems that work well now evolved from simpler systems that worked.

You will learn how the ease of Amplify Studio can quickly take you from a designer’s vision to a full-stack, AWS connected application that can scale as your business and how the Modern #DevOps is foundational for building modern applications.

Register now ->

Thanks to AWS Users Group Bengaluru and AWS User Group India for the reason behind this wonderful opportunity!

Many thanks to Infor, Vynessa Alexander, Tom Sorgie, Adam Malter and Jackson Lee for their constant support.

All this wouldn't be possible without smiling faces on Cloud9 -> Rohini Gaonkar, Ridhima Kapoor, Rashmi Nambiar, Suman Debnath, Ross Barich, and Dave Isbitski

Continuous contribution towards #awscommunity, many talks for colleges and industry conferences has helped me to scale as a speaker at many international forums, 3 times in #awsreinvent and now part of #keynote in AWS India Summit 2022.

A Keynote shot - Bhuvana
Bhuvana Keynote

A Keynote shot - Ekta


Ekta and myself - Keynote Promo
Bhuvana & Ekta

Build on AWS Track

Here you go with the
SlideDeck for the session.
Pretty excited to talk about Infor Nexus use-case End-to-End CI/CD at scale with Infrastructure-as-Code on AWS
Theme of the talk
You can increase development speed and encourage best practices by enabling CI/CD across your organization through repeatable patterns and infrastructure-as-code templates. This is achieved by creating and maintaining easily extensible infrastructure-as-code patterns for creating new services and automatically deploying them using CI/CD. In this session, we will dive deep into building a production ready, multi-account, at scale CI/CD pipeline using your own Jenkins with Infrastructure at Code using AWS CloudFormation and discuss best practices for building DevOps capabilities for your applications running on AWS.
Don't miss the talk by amazing speakers of Build on AWS track! Join our AWS Heroes and Community Builders - Bhuvaneswari Subramani , Dijeesh Padinharethil , Jones Zachariah Noel N , Dipali Kulshrestha , Rajat Arora , Sanchit Jain ,Sridevi Murugayen and ofcourse Rohini Gaonkar for tirelessly working for couple of months to build the track.


coming soon


Woke up on May 25th to witness AWS India Summit 2022 featured on Front Page of Economic Times daily across India and Mint as well.
Here are the clippings..
Economics Times


AWS Cloud Announcements

Behind the Scenes

While we sit and enjoy the wonderful virtual session at the comfort of home, just wanted to look back and appreciate the effort gone in making a best in class virtual conference

A great learning from content creation, recording and now live.

Thanks to all the hard work gone in to make the event successful.

Keynote Recording
Keynote Recording

Keynote Recording 2

Breakout Recording
Breakout Recording

With the best Tech Mind
Rohini and Bhuvana

Glad to meet Ridhima for first time
Ridhima and Bhuvana

Our photo time

War room from where the whole event was streamed

War Room

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This is amazing! Loved your talk and kudos to everyone behind the stage of AWS Summit