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Andrew (he/him)
Andrew (he/him)

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"Haskell on the JVM" :: Frege vs. Eta

Both Frege and Eta purport to be "Haskell for the JVM".

Frege is older, so I would assume more stable, but I'd never heard of it before today. It seems to be essentially the same language as Eta, which I've at least heard of (though never used).

Does anyone have experience with either / both of these languages? Are there any major differences between them?

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Time has told the answer: Frege is still well and alive now in 2023 while with Eta hasn't happened much in the last 4 years.

Dierk König, one of the main heads behind current Frege has presented Frege quite recently (Sep 2022) at a JUG meet-up: It was fun!