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It's Okay to Take a Break

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Anyone who follows me may have noticed that I haven't posted much over the past week (I'm usually a 2-3 posts/week kind of person). That's because I'm on vacation! My little sister is in town and I'd much rather spend time with her than worry about being productive so I haven't worried too much about keeping up with work or posting here on Dev.

Studying and practicing your craft are necessary to learn and stay up-to-date, but spending time with friends and family is more important. You only have so much time to spend and you've got to prioritise the things that are important to you. For me, that's my family. So I'll see you in about a week with a new post. Until then, enjoy some of my greatest hits:

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I used to work, sometimes on personal projects, during the weekend but now that I have a little daughter I can't justify spending time at my computer instead of playing with her.
It is good to take a break every now and then, and don't think about work at all. I don't bring my Mac and my iPad on vacation, and I use the iPhone way less than average, just to take pictures or read news. I don't bother opening Mail, and if I receive work related messages I live them unread so I'll take care of them after my vacation.
Even taking a break during a working day is very important, unless it is raining I always take a walk (usually 4/5km) while listening to music or podcasts, it is great for the back, the eyes and of course the brain. When I don't take the walk I'm less productive during the afternoon


1000000% ok. I’d go further and say it’s NECESSARY to take a break from time to time.


I really hope you enjoyed that break with your sister! You absolutely made the healthy choice and I hope other people take inspiration from it. And linking to some greatest hits, that covers the bases, doesn't it? Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately sometimes the most basic seeming things, like it being ok to have a break, are the hardest to remember.


I'm real bad at this, but taking occasional breaks is a good thing.


Enjoy the break, even if it's just a "staycation"!