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Aghiles Lounis
Aghiles Lounis

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A Simple Boilerplate for React.js Projects

Brief description

This boilerplate focuses on simplicity, speed and ability to choose a structure that fit your project, maybe you won't need if its a simple portfolio for example. This is a simple boilerplate for React.js projects with no specific structure, if you want a structured react boilerplate using typescript, i wrote a complete article about it

Files structure


Git clone:

Supported features

  • Sass/Scss compilation and normal css is supported without any configuration (make sure to have local compiler for Sass on your computer)
  • The amazing TailwindcssV2 pre-configured with Postcss
  • Eslint with strict Airbnb style to enforce consistency and clean code
  • Code formatting using prettier
  • Using cutting edge Webpack 5 to compile everything

To run a build for production with minimal bundle size make sure to follow the steps in the repository.

Feel free to git clone the repository, play with it and tell me what you think and what need to be improved/added, make a pull request or reach out to me and have a discussion.

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wanchai chaisalee

Thanks. 🙂

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Aghiles Lounis

Give me your thoughts in the comments 😀