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5 YouTube channel to learn Data Science!

“Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers.” -By Pat Gelsinger

Learning Data Science might seem overwhelming, especially with the blooming trend over the last decade. Beginners are encountering a tough time finding the correct material to commence with the learning journey. In the era of online self-paced courses YouTube has proved to be the most beginner-friendly platform. It is a kick start whenever there is something to learn from basics to advanced level. A lot can be learned about data science by following YouTube channels and here I have listed down the YouTube channels on data science that I follow.

1. Sentdex

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Sentdex offers some of the best programming language material for Python. The creator has developed tutorials for machine learning, deep analysis, facial recognition, and improving education for aspiring data scientists. He covers various Python topics such as web development, data analysis, robotics, game production, ML, and finance.
Popular Playlist
1.Learning To Program With Python3
2.Python Programming For Finance
3.PyGame With Python3 Game Development

Subscribers: 1.09M subscribers
Views: 99,255,230 views

2.Corey Schafer

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Corey Schafer revolves around a wide range of topics, which include the basics of programming, Linux tutorials, SQL tutorials, Django, etc. For Data Science, in particular, the channel provides video playlists on topics like Pandas, Matplotlib, and a series of videos on getting started with Python.
Popular Playlist
1.Python Tutorials
2.Django Tutorials
3.Flask Tutorials

Subscribers: 871k subscribers
Views: 66,712,948 views

3.Krish Naik

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Krish Naik deals with various topics which are related to data science as well as machine learning and deep learning. The channel provides a playlist section that is mainly for beginners in the field of data science. The entire playlist is centered around the programming language Python. It serves a number of playlists focusing on several aspects and subjects, such as managing interview questions, Augmented Reality, Deep Learning, Statistics, Natural Language Processing, etc.
Popular Playlist
1.Best Data Science Interview Questions
2.Machine Learning Interview Questions
3.Live Virtual Mock Interview Sessions

Subscribers:493K subscribers
Views:39,781,277 views

4.Code basics

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Code basics has a well structured study materials and one of the underrated channel according to me. The creator has curated the contents in such a way that learners can grasp the topics, beginner or advance, in the most easy way within the least time span possible. The important playlists include End-to-End projects, Mathematics and Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Analytics.
Popular Playlist
1.Mathematics, Statistics For Data Science And Machine Learning
2.Data Science Career Guidance
3.Data Science, Programming FAQs

Subscribers:485K subscribers
Views:29,702,314 views

5.Ken Jee

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Ken Jee shares some amazing beginner friendly projects and the creator also dives the viewers across his own roadmap of learning Data Science. It is mainly concentrated on how to build up a good resume, project ideas, interview strategies and podcasts. One of the notable playlist also includes Learning, Productivity and Motivation.
Popular Playlist
1.Learning, Productivity And Motivation
2.Data Science Jobs
3.Data Science

Subscribers:177K subscribers
Views:5,365,974 views

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As a rookie in Data-science, this is really informative post for me, Thank you for sharing.
Saving it for future :)

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Thank you so much for telling us about this! Now I want to watch all the videos, but soon I'm going on a long trip and I would like to know how you can download videos to your phone? Does anyone know?

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