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25 Customer Feedback Tools All Developers Need

As a indie maker, you know that your product is only as good as the feedback you get from your customers.

The more you know about how your customers use your product and why they use it, the better equipped you are to develop a product that will meet their needs.

There are many different types of feedback tools and product strategies that can help you gather information about what your customers need and want.

The problem is that many customer feedback tools are expensive, difficult to use and poorly designed.

This can make it hard for small businesses with limited resources to get started with customer feedback tools.

Here are list of 25 customer feedback tools that will help you with your SaaS product:

1. Supahub

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With the Supahub feedback tool, you can easily collect, manage and prioritize your customer's feedback from different platforms in one place.

It allows you to get real input from your users to stop you from assuming their needs. Instead, let your users share their needs in their own voices.

Read the list of all 25 feedback collection tools here: 25 exclusive customer feedback tools

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