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Add Continuous Deployment, Authentication, and a Managed Identity to your Serverless Function in Under 10 Minutes

The previous episode in this series showed how to develop, debug, and deploy Azure Functions from your local machine. This episode concludes the series with advanced concepts.

Advanced Azure Functions Concepts

In this episode, continuously deploy your function app from a source code repository, then lock it down so only logged in users can access it. Finally, give it a managed identity so it can securely access other resources.
Watch the episode here:

You can view the source code for the sample app and deploy the migrated code directly to Azure with a single-click in the “AWSMigration” GitHub repository.

GitHub logo JeremyLikness / AWSMigration

Migrate from AWS Lambda to Azure Functions

Move AWS Lambda to Azure Functions

This is the source code for the "Moving from Lambda to Azure Functions" video series that demonstrates how to migrate from AWS Lambda to Azure Functions.

🎦 Watch the video series (YouTube playlist)

Quick Start

Free Azure Account Get your Free Azure Account

You can get started quickly with the migrated function. Simply click or tap the "Deploy to Azure" button. Be sure to enter a unique prefix (for example, use your initials or add a sequence). After the deployment is done, you can access and test the function.

Deploy to Azure

To enable the cache, navigate to the storage account after it is created. Click on Tables under Table service then add a table named primes.

The Code

This repository contains code for all related projects.

Source ("Pure") Function

The function itself determines whether a number passed is prime or not. The pure function is available in src\isItAPrime.js

That concludes this series!


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