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Azure Maya Mystery Part II: The Mysterious Cenote

If you haven't been following along as we explore a Maya pyramid in the middle of the uncharted jungle, it's not too late! Join us as we explore the pyramid.

The following content contains spoilers about gameplay!

In part 1 of the Mystery, we discovered the meaning of many glyphs to gain access to the pyramid. Amongst others, we learned symbols with familiar imagery: 'jaguar', 'macaw', and 'snake'
easy glyphs
as well as more esoteric glyphs: 'earth', 'wind', and 'tree'
more esoteric glyphs

Art by Dana Moot II

Winding our way around the pyramid's base and finally up its steps, we used our new knowledge to gain entrance. We also learned the meaning of one of the parts of the temple's name by launching a chat app on an Azure Static Web App to talk to the goddess to whom the pyramid is dedicated.

Chat with a Goddess

But when the floor suddenly gives way underfoot, the intrepid explorer has to wait until Part 2 of the Maya Mystery to learn more!

That time is now.

In this part of the Mystery, you will continue your exploration of the deepest part of the pyramid, an underground cenote, a natural sinkhole that the ancient Maya sometimes used for sacrificial offerings. Your job? dive in and gather broken glyphs that careless prior explorers have tossed in to the cenote, restoring them to their former place. In the process, you will learn more glyph meanings and the second part of the pyramid's name.

While exploring, you will also launch a shopping experience to acquire the gear you need to successfully complete your mission. Learn more about the Node.js code you need to launch by visiting a new Microsoft Learn learning path all about the topic!

Are you prepared to continue your exploration? Haven't joined us yet? It's not too late! Complete Level 1, or skip right to Level 2.

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Super Diana

OMG this is so much fun Jen!

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Jen Looper

gracias mamita!!!

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

Loving this teaching methodology!

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Jen Looper

Thank you!