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Azure Static Web App Manga - In English, now available.

Want to do more with static web apps?

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Azure Static Web App Manga - In English, now available.

Learning through Manga can be fun.

A developer has been tasked by his professor to update the website for an upcoming seminar, migrating to the cloud and automating deployment (Probably a similar situation that most of us can relate to!)

He struggles but fortunately for him, Sophia, his friend, appears and explains to him how he can publish his site without having to write code, or connect with tokens, or write a yaml. He can now do it with any framework - from Angular, React and Vue.js.

Azure SWA Manga

Read more about how he easily solves his problem with Azure Static Web Apps in this Azure Static Web Apps manga.

MSCreate: Frontend

If you want to learn more about the MSCreate:Frontend event then check out this post with links to all the talks and speakers. And bookmark it to be notified of links to recordings and resources after the end!

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