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AzureFunBytes Episode 68 -Progressive Delivery with @SplitSoftware and @AzureDevOps

AzureFunBytes is a weekly opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals and foundations that make up Azure. It's a chance for me to understand more about what people across the Azure organization do and how they do it. Every week we get together at 11 AM Pacific on Microsoft LearnTV and learn more about Azure.

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This week on AzureFunBytes,David Brooke Martin of Split Software joins the show to show us how Split fits well with Azure DevOps, and how feature flags make real time control of code possible, even in production. David will also share the very latest on the Azure DevOps <> Split integration.

From the Split Website:

Feature flags are if/else controls in your code. Easily manage features without pushing a change.

They can be simple on/off, multivariant, or fully dynamic configurations.

Speed up development by separating deployment from release. Improve code quality by testing in production. Reduce release risk with an instant kill switch. All with feature flags.

Split provides everything you need to create, target, and manage feature flags. And we don’t stop there.

Split ties feature flags to your engineering and customer data. We alert you when a new feature misbehaves. And we calculate the impact of your code on customer outcomes.

00:00:00 - Opening
00:04:24 - Welcome to the show David!
00:08:29 - How'd you get here?
00:13:36 - How do I implement a feature flag?
00:14:50 - Happy little trees
00:15:50 - Adopt a dog
00:16:25 - Adding a feature flag
00:26:14 - Split is cloud based, what if it goes offline?
00:32:25 - What do I need to measure a flag automatically?
00:36:17 - What about costs?
00:48:20 - Using Split to add feature flags to your Azure Function

Our agenda includes:

  • Split is a cloud-driven feature delivery platform
  • Features should be managed under flag (and why)
  • Azure DevOps integration simplifies working with a feature delivery platform like Split
  • Split automates measuring the impact of features

You can learn more about this integration by visiting

About David Brooke Martin

David Brooke Martin has acted as a developer, product manager, and solution engineer in a career that has spanned force-feedback and haptic simulators, early application performance management, call center performance, streaming media, and impactful feature delivery at Split. In his spare time, he likes to write fiction and poetry, compose piano music, and take impactful photographs.

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