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Five things you can do with Serverless

Serverless is probably the best idea that you're tired of hearing about. I get it. But I don't care.

I mean I do care. But I also like the idea of Serverless a lot. A whole lot. Who doesn't like infinitely scaling applications for just pennies a day? That person probably also hates pizza and pictures of puppies.

Well, I like pizza AND puppies and so does Eduardo Laureano from the Azure Functions team. On this episode of Five things, he brings you five things that you can do with Serverless. Several of these were news to me - specifically the one about containers. Stick around to the end for some low-tech special effects. Also a full-on assault on the iconic Goo Goo Cluster, which is a power move to be sure.

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kspeakman profile image
Kasey Speakman

After watching this, I binge-watched a bunch of them. They are hilarious. Thanks and mad props to your editor -- the effects are spot on.

burkeholland profile image
Burke Holland

Thank you! Our editor is Kaitlin McKinnon. She's legit the creative juice behind the show.

elcotu profile image
Daniel Coturel

I'm happy to see alfajores in the video.