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Got Bots? 3: Making Bots with QnA Maker + Azure Bot Service

Thanks to everyone who joined me live for my 3rd episode of Got Bots? with the Microsoft Reactor last week. Appreciate all of the folks who joined me live to build a Clippy QnA bot! πŸ’›πŸ“Ž

If you missed the fun live, don't worry- you can watch the replay here, and in the embedded video below! πŸ€–β€΅οΈ

Pssst! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ If you've missed any previous episode, check out my Got Bots? series summary post to get caught up!

On this episode we cover:

  • 2:53 Previously on... Got Bots? (a short recap)

  • 9:11 What is QnA Maker, and who am I/why do I build bots?

  • 17:44 Why built in chit-chat is important/useful when building bots!

  • 24:45 How to get started building a bot with Azure QnA Maker

  • 31:06 Populate our database with a PDF/Word Doc (try out these examples in our docs!)

  • 34:59 I chit-chat about how great the Chit-Chat feature is. πŸ—£

  • 46:26 I upload our PDF and ✨magically✨ create our knowledge base!

  • 48:50 Testing our QnA bot and training the knowledge base.

Did you have fun? check out Got Bots? 4 where I continue to work on our QnA Maker Clippy bot, and continue to test and add more to our knowledge base!

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