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Hello World, Hello Earth

Hello World is the first daily live stream broadcast on LearnTV: Like a Hello World program, it is a simple and easy introduction to what is possible with technology, connecting communities inside and out of Microsoft to broader opportunities and knowledge.
The show is aired daily 10:30-11:00 AM PST in front of a live audience, and is available on-demand at

This Wednesday, April 22 it was Earth Day and we had a special episode.

Welcome and News

In this segment, Nitya shared some very interesting news related to our special theme of the day.

Why Earth Day? [00:20]

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Our special maestro of the day, Asim Hussain started the episode by explaining "Why Earth day"?

Hello Sara Bergman [05:08]

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The first guest was Sara Bergman @SaraEBergman to talked about electricity and sustainable software... Really interesting. Learn how to define, build and run sustainable software applications:

Hello Bill Johnson [10:00]

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Our second guest was Bill Johnson @dubrie and he explains the concept of carbon awareness and gives us some great (and simple) ways to get started.

Hello Sarah Maston [15:16]

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Next was Sarah Maston @maston to that about his incredible project: Project 15 A cool name indeed, but what a great idea.

Visual Green Tech [20:26]

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Our last guest for this incredible episode was Locksley Kolakowski @locksleylk. She is been doing the #VisualGreenTech Challenge every day since the beginning! Nitya will share some of Locksley art and ask the story of each.

Happy Earth Day!

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You can watch this episode and all the other ones on-demand at And join us live Looking forward to seeing you there!

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