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Introducing Azure Heroes with Blockchain-based badges

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There are limited tokens, go claim yours now.

Microsoft and Enjin have collaborated in a local pilot to create a blockchain-based recognition program. The Azure Heroes badgers were created in a number of original and unique designs that have been tokenized into a digital asset on the Ethereum public blockchain.

Curious how it works?

Under the hood, there is Ethereum platform. When you receive a cute badger in your wallet, you're actually taking ownership of Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) which is unique and one-of-a-kind! This is a digital asset with no monetary value.

Not sure what to do? write us with your questions and comments here!

There are limited tokens, go claim yours now.

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niloshimasrivastav profile image
Niloshima Srivastava

So, I already have azure heroes Kudos Badge, in my enjin wallet, but I am not able to see that in my learn profile.

arulmouzhi profile image

Myself Also faced the same scenario, The solution is - In Mobile App, in Linked Projects, Link your Project. Yup, we may think how to link project? - in azure community heroes user map, disconnect(sign-out), again sign-in, at that time, you can able to see QR code, scan that using 'Linked Projects option in mobile app'. After doing like above mentioned, within 1 hour, our claimed badge in enjin wallet(mobile) will be linked with our azure '' profile. Kudos, thus we can showcase our profile with badge like below.