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Picking the Right Distributed Database [Create: Data]

"In God we trust, all others must bring data"

William Edwards Deming

Well, Microsoft is bringing to you, Data Week 🙌 A celebration of Data & Data Technologies, running throughout the week, starting December 7, 2020!

It kicks off with Create: Data, a completely FREE online event.

Register at !

Been wondering which database to pick for your next project/product?

Tim Berglund (who by the way, I admire a lot!) from Confluent will be joining me in a conversation about "Picking the Right Distributed Database". Databases are a critical part of any business. But, how do you pick the right one given the multitude of options at your disposal and new ones coming up quite frequently. Should you stick to good-old RDBMS, opt for NoSQL variants, or go multi-model? Is there really a right answer?

Wait, that's not all!

Check out what's in store for the entire week
in this post by Adi Polak which covers the complete agenda!

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