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Keeping your child engaged while you are at a virtual event

Want to do more with static web apps?

Join us at CREATE:Frontend on Jul 29 (8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT) for a 4-hr free virtual event with 8 talks and a 90-minute hands-on workshop to jumpstart your static web apps journey

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Kids Activity Pack

Let's face it. With the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, children, guardians, and parents are affected by the nationwide school closures. Many guardians and parents are struggling to work and manage kids at home at the same time.

Keeping children engaged is now essential as part of an Events Best Practice. At Microsoft, our DevRel team has introduced a Kids Activity Pack that will entertain children and provide a much-needed escape into the fun and magical worlds of imagination. All these happening while our developer parents and guardians attend our conference.

The Kids Activity Pack debuts on the 29 Jul 2020 at the inaugural Microsoft Create: Frontend, a half-day virtual session where developers from the community come together to have conversations on pressing topics for frontend developers, such as building inclusive and accessible web applications, static sites, serverless, and much more.

* Print activity sheets

Activity Sheet 1: Circle the differences

Circle the differences

Activity Sheet 2: Create your own comic

Create your own comic

Activity Sheet 3: Connect the dots

Create your own comic

Activity Sheet 4: Imagine and color

Create your own comic

Activity Sheet 5: Guide Bit through the maze

Create your own comic

Activity Sheet 6: Piece the puzzle

Create your own comic

* Digital activity sheets

No printer? We've got you covered digitally too. :)
As part of the event themed Static Web Applications, @aaronpowell has also created a digital version of this Kids Activity Pack with static web apps!

Do you have other ways to help parents and guardians keep their children engaged so that they too can be included at your meetup, virtual events and have an easier time? I am curious to know what you have in place. Drop a comment below, and let's share.

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