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The Cloud Skills Show Episode 5: Web

adamj89 profile image Adam Jackson ・2 min read

The Cloud Skills Show is a new weekly livestream, brought to you by the folks at Microsoft Developer UK. Each week, we'll feature guests from the UK and around the world to talk about the cloud skills that Developers and IT Professionals can use to develop their career (or to start a career in tech).

In Episode 5 we talked about building for the web. We heard about innovations in Azure Static Web Apps, and about Blazor, an open source framework to create web apps with C#. Plus, we got a quick preview of Microsoft Ignite with Amy Boyd.

Recording Now Available

Here are the links and resources from this week's show:

Jay Gordon - Azure Static Web Apps

Resource URL
Deploy a static Hugo site with Azure Static Web App Service and GitHub Actions (YouTube) https://aka.ms/cs-hugoswa
AzureFunBytes on Twitter https://twitter.com/azurefunbytes
Azure Static Web Apps PREVIEW https://aka.ms/cs-swa
Azure Static Web Apps documentation https://aka.ms/cs-swadocs
Tutorial: Publish a Hugo site to Azure Static Web Apps Preview https://aka.ms/cs-swa-tutorial
Rico Info Code https://github.com/jaydestro/ricoinfo
$200 Free Azure! https://aka.ms/cs-freeazure

Chris Sainty (MVP) - Blazor

Resource URL
Awesome Blazor https://github.com/AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor
Blazor University https://blazor-university.com/
Blazor Gitter https://gitter.im/aspnet/Blazor
Blazor - Microsoft Docs https://aka.ms/cs-blazor
Blazor & WebAssembly - Microsoft Learn https://aka.ms/cs-blazorlearn

Amy Boyd & Adam Jackson - Microsoft Ignite

Resource URL
Register for Microsoft Ignite https://myignite.microsoft.com
Visit Microsoft Learn https://aka.ms/cs-learn
Register for AI Edge Show Link Coming Soon - event 1st October 6pm UK time

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