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Backend Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Speaker. Instant messaging, distributed systems, data migrations, databases, asynchronous programming, and BBQ 🚀


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Hi Viach, there is no such thing as a high load project nowadays or at least there is no hype around this buzzword going on right now. In my mind term of high load project/system have evolved to more fancy term of distributed system


Hehe, I agree that nowadays we have more and more hype about distributed systems. Found that interesting for me and practically applicable to my projects. But in openings and CVs, I still see the references that some project is a high load one.


Those kind of opening are still asking engineers to complete an IQ test and send CV in MS Word 97 document format.

I never went so far. BTW, I'm bad both in IQ tests and MS Word 97 :(

Alex, from your experience, do you remember any case when a project was claimed as a highload/distributed system, and it was a total bullshit?


"dating services for founders of dating services" 🤣


I can bet that such ones exist :)