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No-code Is For Coders Too

There is a common misconception that no-code (or codeless) platforms and tools are only for non-technical builders. This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth.

No-code and low-code solutions are typically created by developers as a tool to speed up their own development process. This is particularly true of backend-oriented tools created to automate the redundant and/or trivial tasks that are common with setting up a backend. Once the “simple” tasks are removed, developers can focus on the elements of their project that are true differentiators, be that a gorgeous UI, innovative APIs, powerful logic and algorithms, and so on.

No-code Is More Than Democratize Development
No-code and low-code should not be seen merely as a way to “democratize development” — which, no doubt, they do — but also as a means for experienced developers to build faster, build more innovative projects, and try new concepts, all without getting bogged down in the minutia of server hosting, setting up databases, (re)creating basic APIs, etc.

Building faster does not mean sacrificing functionality or performance for development speed. Yes, no-code and low-code make it far easier for non-technical developers to bring their idea to life, but “building faster” means much more than that.

Every organization in 2022 and beyond has the same need: provide an inviting, modern, user-friendly digital experience. This can take many forms including:

  • Desktop website

  • Mobile website

  • Mobile app

  • Web app

A digital experience is not limited to just customer-facing applications, however. What tools are you giving yourself as an organization internally? Are you using or building the best platforms to give your team members everything they need to serve your customers? Most importantly, is your internal technology team able to deliver all of these resources in a timely fashion?

Benefits of Codeless Technologies

Building a digital age business requires a wide range of tech solutions. Some of these solutions can be had out of the box, but every business is different. Customizing an off-the-shelf solution can be more costly and time-consuming than building what your need yourself. Enter codeless. Codeless technologies provide you with the greatest means to build ____ faster, be that your website, customer-facing apps, internal dashboards, process automation, and so much more.

These tools don’t just give your non-technical team members the ability to build for their own needs, but also take a significant burden off of your technical team. And not just because other employees can do their job for them.

Adding no-code and low-code tools to your development team’s stack frees them up from redundant and simple-yet-time-consuming tasks. Tools like Backendless can open opportunities to create new projects that may have been pushed aside as “low priority”, when really there just wasn’t the time to flesh out and develop them.

So developers, here is your call: Build with no-code and low-code so the world can see your app, website, automation, tool, etc., that you are building sooner.

Build faster -> test sooner -> iterate faster -> launch sooner -> make your users’ lives easier.

How many doors will no-code open for your business?

In the end, we all win.

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