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Sounds really odd, i need a bit more info.

How big is the repo?
Do you include binaries in these commits?
What does the output look like if you do a push with the --verbose option?

Most commits are just a few hundred kb worth of text at most i believe.
So even at the mentioned speeds i would expect a fast push, as in seconds.


It contents some pdf files(100MB)
I didn't use --verbose option yet.
By the way, is the speed related to the size of repo?


Speed is not related to the size of the repo, but it is a good indicator of whether or not it contains binaries. :)

Git is not really made for binaries, so i am not surprised about the slow speeds you get.

I believe Github even have a 1-2gb size limit on repositories.
For binaries it is common to use something like: git-lfs.github.com/

Have you done a speed-check on your connection?

In my experience, ISP's often sell the connections as "up to mb/s" but the reality is often a lot less.

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