What first Azure cert to take - AZ-900 or AZ-103?

badscrew profile image badscrew ・1 min read

Hello, Dev.to crowd.
From Microsoft Ignite conference, I happen to have one free voucher for any Azure cert to take, now trying to figure out which one should I be taking. I have about 4 months before the voucher expires

My background - I've never worked with Azure for anything serious, unlike other major clouds (I have AWS and GCP architect certs for example).

AZ-900 (Fundamentals) looks easy but what would you guys do - apply more effort and study for AZ-103 (Azure Administrator) or just pass the AZ-900?

This one voucher I have was free to me, but still want to spend it meaningfully ;)



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I would suggest you give AZ900. I gave it two days back and passed. But at the time of giving the exam, I was not really sure if I would pass. Because the way azure tries to trick your mind with some questions is confusing and there were certain questions I had to take calculated guesses, which obviously should have been correct as I ended up with a decent score. If you are super confident with all the fundamentals and really think you need not take it you can very well skip it. I was going to skip it myself until I got a free voucher for the exam. Gave the exam just because I got one and now I am glad I did.