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Django Takeoff!! Course (2021)

The last couple of months I have been working on improving a book that I wrote last year.

Books are great resources to get the message accross, but when it comes to programming, it gets difficult to display code in a book without encountering formatting and readability problems.

This is why I decided to use a completely different packaging for my content. I decided to create an online programming course called Django Takeoff!! Course


I have written extensively about this book/course, so you can check out the posts below to know more about the why of creating this Django course.

Django Takeoff!! Series

Why I wrote Django Takeoff!!

To give you a taste of the format and the content being offered, I have made the first 10 chapters of the course free.

I have outlined the entire content of the course in the table of contents below.

Thanks in advance for checking it out!!

Django Takeoff!! Course (2021)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Django Web App Setup

  • Visual Studio and Packages Installation
  • Listings App
  • Database Setup
  • Static and Media Files Setup
  • Linter Setup (Optional)
  • Django Simple Web App

Chapter 2: Django Basics

  • Django MVC Pattern
  • Django Admin Site
  • Listings Model

Chapter 3: Homepage

  • Homepage URL
  • Homepage View
  • Homepage Template

Chapter 4: Listings Page

  • Listings URL
  • Listings View
  • Database Queries
  • Listings Template

Chapter 5: New Listing Page

  • New Listing URL
  • New Listing Form
  • New Listing View
  • New Listing Template

Chapter 6: Navbar

  • Homepage & Navbar
  • Listings Page & Navbar
  • New Listing Page & Navbar

Chapter 7: Detail Listing Page

  • Detail Listing URL
  • Detail Listing View
  • Detail Listing Template
  • Listings Template – View Listing

Chapter 8: My Listings Page

  • My Listings URL
  • My Listings View
  • My Listings Template
  • My Listings – Navbar

Chapter 9: Edit Listing Page

  • Edit Listing URL
  • Edit Listing View
  • Edit Listing Template
  • My Listings – Edit

Chapter 10: Delete Listing Page

  • Delete Listing URL
  • Delete Listing View
  • Delete Listing Template
  • My Listings – Delete

Chapter 11: Users App

  • Login URL
  • Login View
  • Login Template
  • Login – Navbar
  • Logout URL
  • Logout View
  • Logout – Navbar

Chapter 12: Register Page

  • Register URL
  • Register Form
  • Register View
  • Register Template
  • Register – Navbar

Chapter 13: Foreign Key

  • Listings Model – Foreign Key
  • Listings View – Foreign Key
  • Testing – Foreign Key
  • My Listings View – Foreign Key
  • Navbar – Foreign Key

Chapter 14: Images

  • Listings Template – Images
  • Detail Listing Template – Images

Chapter 15: Django Filters

  • Listings View – Filter
  • Listings Template – Filter

Chapter 16: Styling with Bootstrap (Part I)

  • Navbar – Bootstrap
  • Homepage – Bootstrap

Chapter 17: Styling with Bootstrap (Part II)

  • Listings Page – Bootstrap
  • Detail Listing Page – Bootstrap
  • My Listings Page- Bootstrap

Chapter 18: Styling with Bootstrap (Part III)

  • Django Crispy Forms
  • New Listing Page – Bootstrap/Django Crispy Form
  • Edit Listing Page – Bootstrap/Django Crispy Form
  • Delete Listing Page – Bootstrap

Chapter 19: Styling with Bootstrap (Part IIII)

  • Login Page – Bootstrap/Django Crispy Form
  • Register Page – Bootstrap/Django Crispy Form
  • Search Filter – Bootstrap/Django Crispy Form

Chapter 20: AWS – Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • Amazon RDS Setup
  • Connecting to Amazon RDS

Chapter 21: Amazon S3 Buckets

  • Amazon S3 Buckets Setup
  • Amazon IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • Connecting to Amazon S3 Buckets

Chapter 22: Heroku Deployment

  • Heroku
  • Heroku – Custom Domain


If you purchased Django 3..2..1..Takeoff!!(2020) book on Amazon, send us an email at with a proof of receipt, and you’ll get free access to the course.

Happy programming!!


Django Takeoff!! Book

Django Takeoff!! Course

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