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Youtube Channel || Web Dev - Django - HTML - CSS - JS

Hello my fellow developers,

I have decided to start my journey on YouTube by creating a channel covering web development content. I will focus mostly on Django and Python. However, to make websites using Django, one uses HTML, CSS, and JS code, so the channel would really be about web development in general.

I have started my channel by putting out a video series of my book called Django Takeoff! which I have written many posts about. The series is totally free.

I might occasionally write blog posts about the tutorials and videos I make, but I will mainly focus on making videos for now.

If you have read my content here and on other platforms and believe that it's helpful, please subscribe and help me grow.

I appreciate everyone checking out my channel and leaving any feedback. Any suggestions for what you would like to see in the videos is also welcomed.

Youtube Channel

Thanks in advance!!

See you there fellow programmers!!

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Luke Shiru

You might want to move your post to listings if you only want to make an announcement, and either way, you should remove the #CSS and #HTML tags, and maybe adding #promotion, #announcement or #presentation instead. The idea with the tags is to put the things the post is actually about 😄

balt1794 profile image

I didn't know about listings. I will do that now. I checked the tags but they don't have tags for promoting. I have adjusted them though.

Thanks !!

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