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How do you like to learn a new language?

I have noticed there are a couple of different approaches to teaching a new language through online courses:

  • "Traditional" - each section covers a language feature with some small exercises at the end, similar in flow to college courses.
  • Small Focused Projects - learn a language feature with a small, focused project that highlights that feature. Each project is small, and distinct.
  • Large project - Learn the language by building a large project that incorporates and highlights features throughout. At the end, you will have something closer to a "real world" application

What do you prefer and why? If I missed a type that you prefer let me know in the comments!

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Brett Martin

When I was first learning, I was able to study in college so I was exposed to a traditional way of learning. I found that to be helpful, but as time has gone on and I have become more experienced in software development I now lean towards big project books / courses when they are available.

Most recently I used "The Simple Haskell Handbook" to kickstart my Haskell journey and it was fun to be able to build a simple Continuous Integration (CI) server and see how to build a bigger project with Haskell!