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Desktop CHALLENGE :)

banji220 profile image Banji ・1 min read

Hey, I'm gonna invite you to Desktop Challenge :)

Close all the windows and Take a screenshot from your Desktop then share in the comment section below...


  • Mention Your OS

  • If you are using Linux, Mention Your Distro and Desktop

My Desktop:

Alt Text

  • OS: Linux

  • Distro: Pop!_OS

  • Desktop: Gnome

  • Theme: McMojave


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OMFG, so fascinating, impressive...
I'm gonna read your post about your project...
and you are just 16, lucky man.
Just keep it up
I'm following you for your nice works ;)


Honestly, my desktop is boring.
Ubuntu MATE 20.04 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) via VGA666 adapter.
It's the default wallpaper because I don't see it often.



Tnx for leaving a comment Junxiao Shi

Bro, I can't believe that you don't like to have a cool desktop ...
It doesn't take any time, dash to dock and an amazing theme could be a game changer for you...

I love that part that your wallpaper is the default cause you don't see it, hahahahaha.

And let me know whenever you want to accept a push-up challenge and racing with me. ;)

Keep it up


I don't have a "dash to dock" button on this desktop. Such a button is an applet that consumes memory. Memory is tight on the RPi 2GB.

My 8GB laptop and 3GB Android phones have Bing Daily Wallpaper or similar apps, although they only work half of the time. Even on those, I don't pay attention to the wallpaper.

As of peeps push-ups, since I completed #22PushupsChallenge in 2016, the only quantity I can do is 22.

Aha, I got it

Hehe, Gonna beat you without a doubt, LOL O:


Nice!!! Here's mine for dual screen setup:



Nice, give Linux a shot!(I don't know if you have ever used or no)
Thanks for sharing
keep it up
Pablo, I hop you keep moving in #100DaysOfCode Challenge .
Good luck


I've tried it once, but not very thoroughly. Sooner or later I have to give it a good chance.

Of course, I continue with the # 100DOC!! :)

Happy to hear that, if you want to get more familiar with the Terminal and commands read The Linux Command Line By William Shotts, I guarantee that you'll become a Terminal monster!

I'm following you, write posts about your journey in #100DaysOfCode, we are here to support each other.
Keep it up bro
Happy Coding ;)


my desktop

OS is Linux, distro is Kubuntu, desktop therefore Plasma, and theme is Breeze-Dark, though I made some changes in a lot of corners over time.

The background image changes daily, I collected a few hundred over the years from various sources.


Thank you riidom for sharing your nice desktop :)
I love Kubunu, you know what?
it was working on my 11 years old Dell inpiron 1420 smoothly, I couldn't believe it .

To be honest KDE Plasma was on of the coolest desktops I've ever used, but when it comes to dash to dock and customization I don't really like it.
I prefer Gnome for this purpose.
I was working with most of the distros, but after I switched to Pop!_OS I think there's no reason to change my distro..
So damn amazing ...
Have ya ever used Pop!_OS?
if no, just give it a shot, You'll love it...

Keep it up ;)


Hey, welcome! And haven't used Pop!OS yet. I'm really not much of a distro hopper.

I started with Linux Mint on an old laptop (to get my first contact sort of). When I switched on my desktop, I first used Ubuntu/Unity, and I totally loved that one. As it got EOL'ed, I been using it for a year more or so, because I couldn't decide! Then I got a hint from someone I met at a party at work, and went with Kubuntu.

I'm really not much of a (pure) GNOME guy :) But when something will make me switch again, Pop!OS is definitely my No.1 candidate, I heard so much good of it.

Yeah, I was a Kubuntu fan too ;)
KDE Plasma was working so damn good on my 11 Years Old Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop.
But after I bought a new Laptop, I thought it could be fun to play around with Linux Distros, and finally I found Pop!_OS so cool.
Happy Coding ;)
Tnx Riidom for leaving a comment :)




OMG, thank you so much for sharing your cool wallpaper with us.

Nice desktop, cool wallpaper.
Keep it up
Happy Coding ;)


Take it easy...
Just take a screenshot from you desktop, if you like to accept it ;)


I had to resize it down to 4096 :)


MacOS 10.15.6 as a Hackintosh custom build.

I've got the Manjaro Gnome in dual boot, but as I'm currently booted to MacOS, I'm sharing my screen of the current OS.


Hey eboye, thank you for sharing your cool desktop, if you have enough time just take a screenshot from your Gnome desktop, cause Linux desktops are my fav all the time.
and let me know about Hackintosh, does it worth to give it shot?
If you want pls share your experience with Hackintosh.
And finally tnx for resizing it, hahahaha ;)


difficult challenge ever!


Instead of joking, accept it :)


you made me arrange my desktop : )))

Alt Text


Holly Molly, my brother ;)
Tnx for sharing your damn windows desktop with the community.
So nice, and Skiiiiii
Keep it up my homie
Love ya


Just simple, clean, and traditional

OS : Linux
Distro : MX Linux 19.2
Desktop : Xfce
Theme : Matcha GTK Theme

Theme Mx linux


oh, such a cool desktop you have...
Clean, simple and cool
keep it up


OS: Linux
Distro: Pop!_OS

yeap linux

OS: Windows 10

yeap Windows


OMG, such a beautiful desktop you have.
I'm a big fan of Pop!_OS, Happy to see that you're using Pop! too.
Tnx bro for sharing your cool desktops in the community :)
Could you please share your beautiful wallpaper(I mean your Pop! wallpaper) here?

Keep it up
Good luck


Just a question... I've read all the comments here, and all I see is

  • give Linux a shot!
  • have you ever tried Linux
  • why not Linux?



Hahahaha, Cause I'm a big fan of Linux, open-source community and Linux is awesome for developers.
I can't believe that some of the developers have not even touched Linux in their life...
So that's interesting for me to ask that kind of question from everyone.
So, now ;)
It's your turn...
Have you ever tried Linux?
Keep it up bro
Take it easy
Good Luck :))


Yeah that just strike me when I was reading the comments.

As you can see on my other comments



Embracing the clutter! Windows 10. Picture Credits: Manjiri Satam.


OMG :(
How do you work with it? hahaha, just curios
Isn't it so hard to find files and looking for sth that you need ASAP?
that's so messy
tnx for sharing Galdin
and let me know, have you ever tried Linux?


On windows you can press the windows key and type what you want, and you get it. There's also powertoys.

For linux tools like grep, xargs, etc. I have busybox installed via scoop. If I need a proper linux system, there's WSL2, or worst case, ssh into a linux machine. Not a fan of linux desktops though.

I found the Scoop interesting, gonna share with my friends who are working with windows.
Thank you Galdin for sharing your information in the community ;)
Keep it up O:
Happy coding :)


Some good ol' fashion Debian with LXDE.

good ol' LXDE


I love it, cause as far as I can see you are in love with simple and minimalism desktop :) OR maybe you're lazy to customize it, hahaha (Just kidding)
Thank you Heiker for sharing your minimal desktop with the community :)
Keep it up ;)


I'm lazy (and old), but I also like minimalism. I used Qtile as my window manager for about two years, I liked it so much that I try to recreate that old setup everytime I switch to another desktop.

How old are you? :)

Oh tnx for sharing Qtile, I've never heard about it before.
Keep it up


OS: Windows 10 20H2
Dual Monitor Setup

Windows 10 Desktop Screenshot


Hah, So minimal and clean :)
Light desktop with a white background, Sounds like cool...
And why not Linux?


Because Windows come with WSL2 which lets me run native Linux directly on Windows, unmodified, without the overhead of a traditional virtual machine or dualboot setup and Windows at the same time so best of both worlds. I have tried running Linux only and it's a pain because a lot of things are missing that I need for work. Also, I play a lot of games so Linux only is a no go for me. I used to use Ubuntu KDE and i3.

Yeah you're right about games, it's not good for gamers...
anyway, thank you for sharing your ideas with me Nitesh, I appreciate it.


OS: Windows

I like it clean 😉

Puru's Desktop


We are in love with simple, clean and minimal desktops!
I'm doing the same, I have to keep my desktop clean and minimal if I want to code or whatever ...
I love the way you removed every Icon and files from your desktop to keep it clean
But have you ever tried Linux? If yes, which distro? If not, don't you want to give it a shot?
Finally thank you for sharing your cool and minimal desktop with the community...
Keep it up :)



I've tried Ubuntu and Zorin OS(Ubuntu based OS). I've used them for 4 years, but I've been using windows since I could use a computer, and [Unpopular Opinion Alert!!!] my productivity is higher on it.

PLUS it was time for a break from linux

Different Ideas!
Love the way you think, hahaha
yeah, you need to have a break sometimes for something!!!!!
Keep it up PuruVJ


Challenge too easy. Wouldn’t recommend 5/7.


Hehe, accept it and take a screenshot :O


Close all windows? What is this about?


Take a screenshot when all your apps and windows are closed, So your desktop would look cleaner, not dirty and messy.

Give it a shot Joost, I'm waiting for you ...


Os: linux
Distro: Manjaro
Desktop: Plasma
Theme: Breath2


WOW, I really felt in love with your desktop among the other desktops that users mentioned in the comment.
So cool ;)
Keep it up O:
Happy coding
Good Ludck


OS: Linux
Distro: Ubuntu
Desktop: Xfce4
Theme: ? probably whatever is default?
Dell Inspiron Screenshot


Cool, such a beautiful cat you have...
have ya picked up a name for her/him?
Finally, thank you Lorraine, so much for sharing your desktop with the community.
Keep it up
Good Luck

It was satire tooo 😂 It was not my intention to appear aggressive, not at all, but so sorry 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I delete it.


OS: Linux
Distro: Manjaro
Desktop: Plasma
Theme: Flat-Remix-Blue-Dark



OMG, such a messy and COOL wallpaper you have, haha
Could you share your wallpaper here, or share a download link? I'll appreciate it.
and let me know if you have ever tried Gnome, I love it because of Dash to Dock.
Before Gnome I was a fan of KDE Plasma and actually Kubunut cause it was working smoothly on my old laptop.
I read an article that you can use dash to dock menu in KDE, but I'm not sure if it works properly or not O:
and finally, give a Pop!_OS a shot cause you'll not regret :)
Keep it up ;)