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The best VSCode themes for Day and Night!

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Hey everyone, how is it going?

I'm interested to know what are your favorite VS Code Themes and if you can just take a screenshot from your codes with your favorite theme, so we can make a good decision in which one of them is cool and which is not!

Here are my favorite Themes:

⦿ Day Themes(The Themes that I'm using When the Sun is shining!):

1. ⁍ Dark+ Material

Alt Text
Dark+ Material

2. ⁍ Cotton Candy

Alt Text
Cotton Candy

3. ⁍ Black Garnet

Alt Text
Black Garnet

4. ⁍ Panda Digital Dark

Alt Text
Panda Digital Dark

5. ⁍ Bear Theme (Thanks to Sayan Bhowmik for sharing his fav theme in the comments!)

Alt Text
Bear Theme

6. ⁍ Mayukai Theme (Thanks to Gulajava Ministudio for sharing his fav theme in the comments!)

Alt Text
Mayukai Theme(Dark)

7. ⁍ Dracula Official

Alt Text

8. ⁍ Mariana Pro (Thanks to Marcus Rodrigues for sharing his fav theme!)

Alt Text
Mariana Pro

⦾ Night Themes(The Themes that I'm using When the Moon is shining!):

1. ⁍ Midnight Color

Alt Text
Midnight Color

2. ⁍ Dracula Official (At Night)

Alt Text
Dracula At Night

I have to mention that The Midnight Color Theme will be so amazing when you turn on your night-shift(night-light) at night(The Mix of them would be so cool)!

Let us know what are your favorites themes?
Are you separating your Day and Night Themes? Or That's not important for you... :)

Thanks for reading

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A Persian boy who is so lovely and wanna learn sth every Single-Day!


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They are great, Banji!! My favorites are Dracula, Shades of Purple and Night owl :)

I'm always in the dark...


Night Owl is great(I downloaded it right now!)
tnx Pablo


Hey Pablo, tnx dude for sharing your fav themes with us :)
Happy Coding
Keep moving forward ;)
(I'm gonna download Night Owl right now)


We are the same I like the exact same 3. :)


Happy Coding Andrew ;)


Dracula best theme!


Damn Gosh, That was the first time I downloaded this theme.
Sounds like cool, I felt in love with it.
Tnx Yash for sharing your fav theme
And do u use it at the night? or there's no difference for u?...


I use it all the time. I do regret of not having a backlit keyboard though!😅

What backlit keyboard is?😐

Umm........ Keyboards of gaming laptops!
That's the simplest way I can explain it😅

Hahaha, I'm happy cause I learned a new thing LOL
Tnx for explaining so simple 😂
Keep it up Yash, I'm gonna follow you bro
Happy Coding

Likewise ✌️🤘💻


I don't use different themes for day and night, but I really like the New Moon theme by Tania Rascia.

A screenshot of the New Moon theme for Visual Studio Code.


My first time to see this theme, I'm gonna give it a shot.
For protecting eyes, I prefer warm themes most of the time, I think the new moon would be great...
Tnx for sharing Kieran :)
Happy Coding


Thank you for great reference, another theme you can try is Mayukai Theme .

Image Mayukai101


Just WOW!
Between all of the comments under my post, to be honest your suggestion was the best :)
So amazing
I really felt in love with Mayukai Theme, a lot of warm and amazing colors

Just Thank you sooooo much for sharing your fav theme with the community
Keep it up
Happy Coding Gulajava Ministudio


I put your fav theme in my post
tnx again for sharing :)


My dark choice atm is good old Gruvbox, and for light theme, I'm using PaperColor.

Gruvbox dark


Oh, so cool
I'm not a fan of light theme, buy tnx for sharing your fav themes
I really like your fav dark theme
Keep it up Javier
Happy Coding ;)


My office is pretty bright in the mornings, so a dark theme makes it difficult to read.
It's more pragmatism thant aesthetics hahaha

Gonna follow you Javier
You're so cool


Not sure if has been posted, but I love Newton (Next)

Newton Next


Hey Marco, I'm gonna check out your theme tonight.
Tnx for sharing your fav theme bro
Keep it up
Happy Coding♥️❤️


I've tried Monokai, Atom Dark Pro and Material, but Mariana Pro is my to go now, specially the Cool option.

Mariana Pro (cool)


Yeahhhhhhhhhh, tnx Marcus I love this one, the mix of color in this theme is so incredible :))))
I'm gonna mention you and will add your fav theme in my post right now.
Tnx for sharing your fav them with the community Marcus :)
Keep it up
Happy CODING ;)


Outrun Electric.

Will update picture when I get home!


We Still waiting for updating picture, haha :)
I tried it right now, it looks so damn cool and majestic
Just Thank you so much for sharing your fav theme :)))))
Happy Coding and don't forget to update the picture.
Good Luck


Crap, I forgot. I DO IT NOW


Fairyfloss by sailorhg has been my favorite theme for years now - it works well in pretty much any lighting conditions without straining the eyes, plus it's cute.

Screenshot of theme from GitHub page


Cool, I'm gonna try it out
Tnx for sharing your fav theme Chustedde


Do check bear theme, and for daytime when using lcd screen I like using armadillo theme (light theme)


OMFG, That Bear Theme is looking so fancy :)
Thanks for sharing your fav theme
Keep it up
Happy coding Sayan Bhowmik


I mentioned your fav theme in my post
Tnx again
Keep it up Sayan :)


Dracula is really good, too! Love the green and pink. ;)

Personally, I also love the Cyberpunk color scheme!


Damn, I really hate the CyberPunk theme... :(
It has a lot of Cold Color, SO Bluish.
Take care of your eyes Clifton
Happy Coding Man :)


Finally, I really felt in love with Dracula(Today was my first shot!)


To be honest, the thought of changing themes has never really occurred to me. But seeing all of these different themes has got me curious now. Thanks for the post!


I'm happy that my post was useful for you
Keep it up
Happy Coding Daniel ;)




One Dark Pro when Its night 🌙
Cyan Light when its bright ☀️

Though I mostly use pycharm 😏 😬


Hey Debashis Dip
Tnx for sharing your fav themes
Take care of your eyes
Keep it up
Happy coding bro :)


OneDark Pro & Material Palelight.
For me it’s hard to switch away from these two 😏


Hey Boris
Tnx for sharing your fav themes with the community :)
Keep it up
Happy Coding ;)


One Dark Pro.

I occassionally use Night Owl, dark+, Monokai, .
But nothing ever topped One Dark Pro for me.


Hey Sai Sandeep Vaddi
I like One Dark Pro too, a lot of warm colors which are really good for the eyes!
Tnx for leaving a comment
Keep it up
Happy Coding bro :)


Night owl is the best. 🔥


I'm not the fan of Night Owl, but it looks cool for Day themes!(Don't use it at the Night)


I'm not gonna for Bluish themes, not good for eyes!
Anyway tnx for sharing your fav theme with the community Shadowtime2000
Keep it up
Happy Coding :)


I find dark themes a lot easier on my eyes. Both in day and night.
Right now using Material Ocean


Yeah we need to take care of our eyes all the time
I prefer Warm Color with dark themes!
Just using a dark theme is not enough in my point of view, your theme needs to have a lot of warm colors!

Anyway, tnx z00md for leaving a comment and sharing your Idea
Happy Coding :)


Cool themes😎
But I'll keep the default one😊 it's really good


Haha, That's also good
Keep it up
Happy Coding Andrew :)


Solarized Dark fan here


Tnx God we have a weird person here in the community :)
I forced myself to like Solarized Themes, But I gave up...
No way to love them, haha
Happy Coding Cesar


I’m on GitHub dark theme now (the official one in preview)


Oh, I gave it a shot Nicola
So cool for the Day Theme but I'm not gonna use it for the Night, cause it has some Cold Color(Blue, White and etc)
Thanks for sharing Nicola
Happy Coding ;)