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My Love for Faded Wallpapers

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I'm the kind of guy who changes his wallpapers a lot. Like... A LOT!

But, there's this thing that I fancy. Almost all wallpapers that I download, I modify them to have a slightly washed out or faded look, if they weren't already that way.
A few examples of what I'm talking about can be found on here (note: these are not mine, just examples).

And since it's normally the same amount of settings from GIMP for almost all images, I thought I'd write a service. Which I did somewhere around 3rd Jul 2019 , exactly a year ago and I've been using it since.

Yeah, no emotional, motivational, rock hard, development problem solving story this time.

Here's the app: Washed

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glyphcat profile image

The example images are lit. I don't know if it's for the same reason as yours, but to me, they don't compete with the icons on the screen and they look kinda peaceful.

barelyhuman profile image

I don’t have icons on the screen but yeah, they do look subtle and don’t throw bright colors on your eyes everytime to you close a full screen window.

The app creates an even more faded look based on my preference which is almost like a full screen transparent terminal with about 50-60% opacity