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Rebuilding my Music Player

A few days back I posted about a file tree router, if you didn't read that, don't worry, I'll be redirecting you to it in the post later.

I've been thinking about improving Orion , a music player I built years ago but I never did anything because it worked well and didn't need any changes functionality wise. But, I didn't really like the design and have been wanting to change it but didn't because I kept myself busy on building new stuff.

Finally, Trashed the previous code of Orion and rewrote it properly this time, removing all amateur coding standards I used back then. Changed the design to a new level of minimalism and voila!

While I was at it, I wanted to test a file tree based router I wrote and ended up rewriting the server side of Orion as well. Replaced Express with Routex and what you see now when you clicked on it is the new music player.

Why did you make this?

Simple concept, I like listening to music when I practice for CS:GO and having a full youtube window eats up the ram and slows down the game a lot. Having a minimal player that stores my general list of tracks while giving me access to the whole Youtube Library is kinda handy.

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